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Attorney Piszczek does not charge a fee to initially meet with you.  He would rather focus on your situation, answer your questions and help you determine your legal course of action.  That is why he offers a free, no cost, initial consultation on all areas of law which he practices.  If you or your family is in need of legal advice or assistance, you can call him at (330) 723-2200 to schedule a time to meet at his Medina, Ohio Office.

Areas of Practice:

Family Law | Bankruptcy Law | Criminal Law
Child Support | Child Custody
Divorce Dissolution | Traffic | DUI

Get in touch with attorney Gerald Piszczek for a free initial consultation to discuss your pressing legal dilemmas. Obtain a speedy resolution to your legal dilemmas with help from Gerald Piszczek, Attorney, and his team. Our law office provides aggressive representation for clients throughout Medina, Ohio.

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